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Nonprofit Directory lists over 1.5 million nonprofits within the United States. The current version of the website includes tax return information provided by the IRS. We will continue to add new functionality and features in order to:
  • Help nonprofits share information with the communities they serve
  • Help donors make informed decisions about which nonprofit they choose to support
  • Help community members find services provided by nonprofits in their area.
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Nonprofits by State

Alaska Nonprofits 4,749 Organizations
Alabama Nonprofits 19,193 Organizations
Arkansas Nonprofits 13,216 Organizations
American Samoa Nonprofits 36 Organizations
Arizona Nonprofits 22,243 Organizations
California Nonprofits 155,937 Organizations
Colorado Nonprofits 27,222 Organizations
Connecticut Nonprofits 19,820 Organizations
District of Columbia Nonprofits 12,230 Organizations
Delaware Nonprofits 6,461 Organizations
Florida Nonprofits 74,175 Organizations
Georgia Nonprofits 38,876 Organizations
Guam Nonprofits 77 Organizations
Hawaii Nonprofits 7,199 Organizations
Iowa Nonprofits 28,159 Organizations
Idaho Nonprofits 7,319 Organizations
Illinois Nonprofits 62,345 Organizations
Indiana Nonprofits 35,591 Organizations
Kansas Nonprofits 16,260 Organizations
Kentucky Nonprofits 17,269 Organizations
Louisiana Nonprofits 17,427 Organizations
Massachusetts Nonprofits 38,690 Organizations
Maryland Nonprofits 30,481 Organizations
Maine Nonprofits 8,917 Organizations
Marshall Islands Nonprofits 2 Organizations
Michigan Nonprofits 46,011 Organizations
Minnesota Nonprofits 33,482 Organizations
Missouri Nonprofits 35,214 Organizations
Mississippi Nonprofits 11,973 Organizations
Montana Nonprofits 9,726 Organizations
North Carolina Nonprofits 42,378 Organizations
North Dakota Nonprofits 5,744 Organizations
Nebraska Nonprofits 12,648 Organizations
New Hampshire Nonprofits 7,981 Organizations
New Jersey Nonprofits 42,480 Organizations
New Mexico Nonprofits 9,457 Organizations
Nevada Nonprofits 7,799 Organizations
New York Nonprofits 94,847 Organizations
Ohio Nonprofits 63,156 Organizations
Oklahoma Nonprofits 17,799 Organizations
Oregon Nonprofits 22,754 Organizations
Pennsylvania Nonprofits 66,071 Organizations
Puerto Rico Nonprofits 895 Organizations
Palau Nonprofits 1 Organizations
Rhode Island Nonprofits 8,785 Organizations
South Carolina Nonprofits 21,275 Organizations
South Dakota Nonprofits 6,590 Organizations
Tennessee Nonprofits 29,140 Organizations
Texas Nonprofits 94,471 Organizations
Utah Nonprofits 9,190 Organizations
Virginia Nonprofits 39,443 Organizations
Virgin Islands Nonprofits 282 Organizations
Vermont Nonprofits 5,662 Organizations
Washington Nonprofits 33,800 Organizations
Wisconsin Nonprofits 33,921 Organizations
West Virginia Nonprofits 9,616 Organizations
Wyoming Nonprofits 4,368 Organizations